Global Recognition

First of it’s Kind

RFM Certification Program – First to be Recognized By GSSI

Alaska’s RFM was the first certification program to achieve recognition by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative’s (GSSI) Global Benchmark Tool. This recognition demonstrates that Alaska’s RFM is in alignment with all 143 applicable GSSI Essential Components.

Achieved Continued GSSI Recognition

In 2019, GSSI conducted their Monitoring of Continued Alignment (MOCA) of the RFM Certification Standard and found it to have continued alignment with all GSSI Essential Components and therefore awarded continued recognition of the Standard.

To access the original RFM Benchmark Report and the MOCA Report click here.

About GSSI

RFM GSSI Fact Sheet

In October 2015 GSSI launched the Global Benchmark Tool for seafood certification schemes. The Tool is the first collective and non-competitive approach to provide clarity on seafood certification worldwide. GSSI publicly recognizes seafood certification schemes that meet GSSI Components grounded in the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and the FAO Guidelines for Seafood Certification and Ecolabelling. This helps to make purchasing decisions more efficient by offering greater choice in seafood certification and driving down costs, while promoting environmental sustainability.

GSSI is modeled on a successful global retail driven benchmark program called the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Like the previously adopted GFSI, which resulted in inter-operability among the world’s food safety certifications, the GSSI provides a common benchmark that makes it easier for seafood buyers to identify which of the various third party certification programs are credible.

Industry Value

Why GSSI Recognition is Valuable

One way businesses provide assurance to their customers is the use of seafood certification schemes for both aquaculture production and wild capture fisheries. However, the increase in the number of programs and ecolabels has led to confusion among producers, retailers and consumers over how to recognize a credible seafood certification scheme.

The GSSI Benchmark Tool is an attempt to streamline procurement decisions by making it easy for buyers to see which certification programs have met the rigorous bar set forth by FAO’s internationally agreed guidelines.

For the first time, members of the seafood supply chain, NGOs, governmental and intergovernmental organizations and a number of independent scientists have come up with a collective, non-competitive approach to provide clarity on seafood certification and ensure confidence in certified seafood.

This shared solution will make information available across the seafood supply chain to drive change and lower costs:

  • For producers, it means more options to choose the scheme that is right for them and reduce the need for multiple audits.
  • For seafood buyers, it means simpler, more consistent data to guide their purchasing decisions.
  • For NGOs, it means more open and verified information to help promote environmental sustainability.
  • For Alaska’s RFM, it means being publicly recognized for meeting all applicable GSSI Essential Components, a globally agreed benchmark building confidence in seafood certification. For more information on GSSI go to

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