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New RFM Logo Available Now!

To learn more about the new Certified Sustainable Alaska RFM Logo, please review the fact sheet.

Use of the Certification Logo

The Certified Sustainable Seafood Collaborative RFM Logo is available for those who satisfy the Chain of Custody requirements, and would like to demonstrate traceability and make a certification claim. In contrast to other sustainable seafood certification programs, there is no logo licensing fee for using the RFM logo.

RFM recognizes the power of origin for motivating purchase, which is why a fishery can include it in the RFM logo. Whether it’s Alaska, Washington or any other origin, the RFM logo tells the story consumers desire – to know where their food comes from. Other certification programs don’t include origin in their logos.

Example of Alaska’s RFM logo

How to Know Which Logo to Use

Using Alaska as an example, below is a visual demonstration of the differences between the Certified Sustainable Alaska RFM logo vs. the Alaska Seafood origin identifier


The Certified Sustainable corporate RFM logo and the Alaska RFM logo are trademark and owned by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) on behalf of the Certified Seafood Collaborative (CSC) Foundation Board and is only released to organizations or individuals that have completed the Chain of Custody audit process and have a written agreement with the CSC. Unauthorized use is prohibited and will be treated as a trademark breach.

The purpose of the certification logo is to guarantee buyers and consumers of those seafood products that the products originate from certified responsible fisheries.


RFM Chain of Custody Certification Stakeholders that have obtained the RFM Chain of Custody Certification can apply to the CSC for the right to use the certification logo or statement for marketing purposes. To apply, please complete the application form and submit.

Download the Certified Sustainable RFM logo and Claims Terms & Conditions

Download the Certified Sustainable RFM logo and Claim Brandmark Standards

Report Misuse

If you know of a case where the Certified Sustainable RFM logo is being misused, please let us know.

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